Have your corporate events at Farang

Farang’s unique premises are supremely well-suited for corporate events large or small. We are fully licensed seven days a week and can seat up to 200 guests.

Farang is the perfect setting for corporate events. Mingle parties, product launches, mini-exhibitions, fashion shows and wine tastings are just a few examples of the kinds of gatherings you can host at Farang.

Company events in a unique setting

Farang is quartered in what was once the Stockholm Electric Company’s Tulestation, a 700 square meter industrial space which provides a unique frame for your corporate event. We have preserved the original industrial shell then added an interior of dark wood and other natural materials to form a remarkable rustic milieu.

The entrance opens up into a cocktail bar with seating for fifty. The bar’s community table is surrounded by lounge groups and is a perfect match for a variety of occasions.

How big is your event?

The high-ceilinged, 25-meter-long machine room is the heart of the restaurant, a zone especially well-suited to corporate events, but we have some smaller spaces at your disposal as well. The main dining room is surrounded by lower-ceilinged more intimate settings as well as a back bar and an open kitchen. Here, as a guest, you have a front-row seat from which to follow the creative process in the kitchen.

What time of day did you have in mind? We can serve breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for menu suggestions or, better still, to arrange to drop by and take a closer look at our premises and consider the possibilities offered by its airy dining room, open kitchen and two bars.

Contact us to find out more

Get in touch with us to find out what we can do to make your corporate event a memorable one. Make an appointment and we will be happy to take you on a personal tour of our premises. Together, we can devise the best possible plan for your event.

Call us on 08-673 74 00 or e-mail us at info@farang.se

Come and experience share food at the farang!