A venue for every occasion

It’s not hard to find a party venue in Stockholm, but one like ours in a space that makes a lasting impression and with a menu out of the ordinary is not quite so common.

The whole Restaurant Farang can be hired as a party venue by private individuals and companies alike. Your ideas and our experience are the perfect combination for creating a personal and unforgettable party for you and your guests.

The rustic ambiance of Farang’s spacious dining hall and bar areas can easily be arranged to accommodate both private and corporate events /functions, big or small. Our main dining area seats 200 and the two lounge bars up to 90 guests on comfortable couches or barstools.

We can tailor a brunch, lunch, and dinner or mingle parties suited to your needs any day of the week. Cocktail parties, product launches, exhibitions, fashion shows and wine tastings are a few ideas of Farang´s various kinds of offering.

Contact us or drop by

Does Farang sound like the venue for your party? Drop by for a closer look or contact us to find out more.
We are happy to help you design a menu for your party. Send us an e-mail at info@farang.se or call us on 08-6737400
and find out more about how we can arrange an unforgettable party for you.
If you don’t require the entire restaurant for your event, come in and find the portion of our premises that best suits you and your guest list. We will be happy to help you make that space your own.

Come and experience share food at the farang!