At Farang we have a broad assortment of drinks to complement our food. Even non-dining guests are most welcome to step up to our bar and raise a glass.

Since our cherished goal is to help our guests enjoy good food and drink in combination, our point of departure when choosing wines for our wine list is our menu. But to be honest, quite a few bottles are on our list simply because we like them so much.

White wines from aromatic grape varieties and fruity reds with soft tannins go very well with Asian cuisine. We have a special fondness for Rieslings from Germany and Pinot Noirs from USA. We have about 100 Rieslings on our wine list and would be glad to help you find a favourite among them.

In addition to these two cherished varieties, the list contains a generous number of classic wines from the old world, many of them from the great houses of Burgundy and Piemonte.

Wine, cocktails and beer

Choosing the right drink to go with a meal is highly personal and sometimes beverages other than wine are what is called for.
A well blended cocktail with Asian flavours piques the palate and could give you the opportunity to try something new.
If your tastes run to beer, an excellent companion to Asian food, we have a selection of Asian brews well matched to the food we serve.
We have, as well, fine alcohol-free alternatives like oolong tea from Taiwan, grape juice from USA and soft apple cider from France.

Let us help you choose your drink

We would love to help you select a drink to go with your meal. Our wait staff will be happy to share their expertise and guide you in choosing a wine or other beverage.

Come and experience share food at the farang!