Farang’s spacious cocktail bar is a relaxed and informal with big community table and surrounding sofas. Lined up behind the massive concrete bar itself stands the large assortment of hand-crafted spirits and liqueurs from small scale distilleries and producers that are the foundation of Farang’s cocktails. If you don’t feel like bellying up to the bar, small sofa and arm chair groups are spread out around the lounge.

Classic drinks

Our bartenders are master of their craftmanship with a repertoire that stretches from tried and true classics to innovative blends with an Asian influence and freshness. They are proud of their craft and think nothing of spending hours fine tuning new taste combinations to which they set their own personal stamp.

But above all our bartenders are devotees of the truest art, that of making you feel welcome and seeing to it that you take pleasure in every moment you spend with us. As your hosts, they know that a warm welcome in a relaxed environment is an essential ingredient for the perfect cocktail experience. Our bartenders do their utmost to create a space where you can relax, drink, perhaps have a bite and simply enjoy.


Here you find our signature-cocktails, those which are always on our menu. These are the drinks that our guests praise and are willing to travel far and wide to imbibe. They have earned a permanent place on our list for a reason, which is why our bartenders will often challenge you to go beyond your “usual” to try something new and find your own Always@Farang favourite.

Always@Farang is inspired by an Asian aesthetic and taste and so provides an excellent introduction to Farang’s cocktail world. Here, as elsewhere, we place great importance on freshness and full flavours. When you have tasted one of these fantastic concoctions we are sure you will understand our obsession with them. Our Always@Farang cocktails are an outstanding accompaniment to the aromatic flavours of Farang’s Southeast Asian cuisine. Even a Bloody Mary receives an Asian makeover here at Farang, fresh in taste and a sight to see.


Here’s where it gets personal. On this list you find the cocktails that showcase the talent each and every one of our dedicated bartenders. Here they have the chance to make their marks and reveal their skills. Only@Farang allows you a peek into the professional bartender’s world. Inspired by Farang’s food, produce that is in season or perhaps a newly arrived bottle, our bartenders put their own personal stamp on Only@Farang.

Experience creative taste combinations, subtle nuances and first class spirits and liqueurs that raise your cocktail experience a step above. A perfect choice when you want to try something you won’t find anywhere else. Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself to encounter surprising ingredients that transform your cocktail. As you might suppose, our Only@Farang list is updated frequently.


The cocktails that you find in Classic@Farang are a homage to some of history’s best known drinks. Our bartenders have great respect for classic cocktail culture and see themselves as stewards of the tradition that lies behind a well made drink in their use of professional hand preparation and tried and true techniques.

There is always a story behind a classic, the one more fascinating than the other. Our bartenders will be glad to serve you that story along with your favourite. The list of delicious classics is almost bottomless, which is why we update the Classic@Farang menu regularly.

Come and experience share food at the farang!