Wine from the four corners of the world

At Farang we have a special fondness for Rieslings from Germany, Pinot Noirs from USA and classic wines from the old world but all wine producing continents are represented on our wine list.

Large selection of wine

At Farang we want to give you the opportunity to find the perfect wine for the set menu or dishes you choose. Our wine list is a work in progress and we are constantly seeking to develop and improve it. Indeed, since we opened our doors in 2013, we have added a quite a number of regions and producers.

The dishes we serve have strong flavours: chili, lemon grass and ginger just to name a few powerful ingredients. White aromatic wines as well as fruity red wines with soft tannins are well-suited to Asian cuisine.


Our cellar contains approximately 100 Rieslings, which means we have one of the largest selection of Rieslings in Sweden. We specialise in three regions in Germany: Mosel for its elegant, semi-dry wines; Rheingau for its dry wines with mineral tones; and Pfalz for its slightly warmer climate and more full bodied Rieslings. Pfalz is home to Dr Burklin-Wolf, one of Germany’s largest family owned wine producers. At the moment, we have 21 of their wines in our cellar.

Rieslings from Alsace in France and Wachau in Austria are of course on the list as well.
We would be glad to help you find a personal favourite among our Rieslings, a number of which we pour by the glass.

Pinot Noir

When it comes to red wines, our heaviest concentration of bottles carry a Pinot Noir label. Their fruity tones and soft tannins are a good counterbalance to the strong curries and rich dishes we serve at Farang. We have a relatively large selection of Pinot Noirs from USA, mainly California, and from Burgundy in France.

Other grapes and regions

Of course we have wines other than Rieslings and Pinot Noirs on our list and, in fact, wines from all wine producing continents are represented.

For updated wine list please visit Star Wine list.


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