Food for five senses

At Farang, food is served in the Southeast Asian way. Share dishes make the meal into a social occasion where you and your party take pleasure in food and company as one harmonious experience. Good food and a pleasant atmosphere, a relaxing and nourishing whole, is our philosophy.

Our food is based on quality raw ingredients, the skilled hands of our chef and staff and our extensive experience of Southeast Asian cuisine. We prepare it all from scratch with no short cuts, and our process is completely transparent. As a guest, you have a front row seat and can watch your meal take shape in our open kitchen.

Food from scratch

Farang invests both time and love to create new, fresh and aromatic flavours. When available, we prefer ingredients from local producers. Herbs and vegetables are the foundations of our cooking – a natural starting point for quality vegetarian food as well.

Authentic Asian cuisine from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

Our food highlights the aromas and harmony brought forth by combining spicy, sour, salty and sweet tastes. Aromatic broths, fresh salads and curry are some of the basic elements of our dishes.

Some of our popular signature dishes will always have a place on our menu. Our deep fried soft shell crab with green mango salad and mint and our crispy pork in palm sugar caramel are two of them.

Share food

At Farang food is served in bowls and on plates set in the middle of the table where everyone can reach them, as opposed to traditional service with guests ordering their own individual dishes.
Share food invites you to form a relaxed community around the table.

The concept behind our set menus is that dishes arrive at the table at their own speed. This means that there are often several dishes on the table at the same time.

Come and experience share food at the farang!