A carefully composed menu

Farang’s menu is based on the professional skill and knowledge of our chef and staff, quality raw ingredients and extensive experience of Southeast Asian cuisine.

FARANG Menu Autumn 2021

Everything on our menu is prepared from scratch in our own kitchen – no shortcuts. We invest time and love to create authentic flavours. As a guest, you have a perfect view of our kitchen and are welcome to watch our staff at work.

Choose a menu

We recommend that you and your party select one of our carefully composed set menus for your visit to Farang. If you are a larger group it´s these menus we offer.
Our share food concept works equally well for large and small parties, with everyone around the table welcome to enjoy all the food we serve.

Here’s how it works

Asian meals differ from the classic western appetizer, main course and dessert service and our set menus are no exception. If you choose one of our set menus, first to arrive at your table are the snacks (the number depends on the menu you choose), then the cold fresh dishes followed by the warm dishes and finally dessert.
The principal is that dishes arrive at their own pace, which means that at any time during the meal, there may be several on the table.

Should you choose dishes from our a la carte menu, it’s good to know that the style of dining is different from an appetizer-main course-dessert way of thinking.
It´s a good idea to order one or two snacks per person and one dish per person plus one. All dishes are ment for sharing to get the best experience!

Our experienced staff is more than happy to help you with your choice

Come and experience share food at Farang!