Experience our unique premises

Entering Restaurant Farang is like stepping into a piece of Stockholm’s history. It was here that The Stockholm Electric Company had its Tulestation, a plant that distributed electricity to many of Stockholm’s inhabitants around the dawn of the twentieth century.

Tulestation was designed to be the Stockholm Electric Company’s main generating plant. Plans changed however, and in 1903, it became a substation of the new Värteverket plant near the harbour. Tulestation was instead used to transform the alternating current sent from Värta into the direct current used in those days by households.

Asian food in an historic space

Restaurant Farang is situated on the ground floor of Tulegatan 7 in Normalm in what once was the machine room of the old Stockholm Electric Company. This historic environment is now a meaningful part of the Farang experience. Here, the industrial feel and scale of the premises live on, overlaid by more appropriate fixtures and fittings.

Take a peek into the kitchen

The 700 square meter machine room’s unaltered rough industrial shell combines with the warmth of the interior’s dark woods and other natural materials to create a unique rustic space. Near the entrance, a cocktail bar sprawls out, its community tables surrounded by sofa groups, a setting well-suited for a variety of social events.

The lofty 25-meter-long machine room is the heart of the restaurant. The main dining room is surrounded by lower-ceilinged, more intimate spaces as well as a back bar and an open kitchen. This open kitchen erases the boundary between dining room and food preparation, giving guests a front row seat from which to follow the hectic harmony of Farang’s cooking process.

One space with many uses

The restaurant itself seats 175 with seating for an additional 50 in the front bar. The space lends itself perfectly to private or corporate parties and other events. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do to make your event especially memorable.

Mingle parties, product launches, mini-exhibitions, fashion shows and wine tastings are just some of the ways in which Restaurant Farang can be used for both private and corporate occasions.

Come and experience share food at the farang!